New Construction

Are you looking to build something from scratch? Commercial or residential we can fulfill your vision start to finish.


Are you looking to repair or replace your roof? A full tear off or a repair? We will suggest the service to fulfill your needs.


Are you looking to upgrade your home or business? We can make that happen. Making your dreams a reality is what we do best.

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Usaf does the job right
at the right price

Hi I’m Usaf and I started this business 11 years ago. USAF Construction is based on the idea that doing the job right is in itself, its own advertising. We believe in creating relationships and personal experiences. When you contact USAF Construction, I will show up in person at your door. Not only will I give you a fast appraisal, I will give you the most competitively priced appraisal as well. That’s the USAF Construction guarantee

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New Construction

We work on all types of buildings both commercial and residential

  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Places of worship
  • Schools
  • And many more establishments
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Rain or shine


A good roof is essential for every home. You want to make sure that someone with experience and proper qualifications are getting you exactly what you need. We provide several roofing solutions to give you a durable roof that will withstand all seasons. We don’t inflate our pricing to inflate our ego. We simply provide lean pricing for a reputable job.

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Grooming to the highest standard


Remodeling is fun. Adding new to existing not only creates a beautiful look but it increases property value. Check out some of the commercial and residential work that we’ve done in The Greater Metropolitan Detroit Area.

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